This bdsm catalog is by no means an attempt to cover the complete scala of possible bdsm terms, actions and concepts. It is much less purposeful than that: the catalog is basically a reflection of how I categorized myself the many bdsm images I sampled through the years.

 Welcome to this special world.

Why a BDSM catalog?

The catalog is rather personal and it is evolving continuously. Nevertheless, I decided that it might be a good idea to share the idea of such a catalog with others who are interested in the same topic.

Simply stated, if you like wonderful bdsm pictures, feel free to enjoy this organized selection…

Suggestions of changes and comments and additions for this catalog are more than welcome.

The concept

The catalog is a decimal (base ten) number system. It is a subject classification system, in which each topic can be divided in ten more sub topics. And so on… You could call it a deciSMal system. One level of the catalog has always ten topics (if yet defined). Why decimal? Many ancient cultures calculated with numerals based on ten, sometimes argued due to human hands typically having ten digits. Well, there you go. A good enough reason to me.

The catalog is still small but it will grow in time. If you like the images so far, please return often to check for new ones. And drop me a note with your thoughts. Especially if you are a female sub and seeking…


The catalog images are selected to reflect as closely as possible the topic I have in mind. The images are therefore used as examples of a topic and can be changed whenever I find another image that reflects more closely that specific topic. The images have been found mostly on Tumblr and other similar picture sites: if someone can claim to be the copyright holder, the photographer, model or owner, please contact me. I will gladly add the  copyright information and a link toyour site, if required. Or if the image should be removed, contact me and I promise to remove it asap.

NSFW. To be allowed to enter, you need to be +18.

How to browse the catalog?

Move over a blue image. If the image changes to color but not in size, you can click the image to select the next level of the catalog. If the image changes to color and shows a larger version of the picture, then enjoy looking at the full picture of that catalog topic. In that case, no further level is available, as you cannot click a large image.

Use the arrow key Up (bottom part of the screen) to return to a higher level of the catalog. The Left and Right buttons, if available, let you scroll horizontally through the same level of the catalog.

Another possible use: select the pictures of the action you are craving for and confess the corresponding numbers to your play partner. Yes, the catalog can be used as a kind of bdsm checklist, only that it is very visual instead of using texts and descriptions. It might be a wonderful idea to browse the catalog with your partner and discuss further possibilities to enrich your D/s relationship.

I am over 18 and I want to see that BDSM Catalog !