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Isabelle at Erebos Studios

This series of 34 images is a tribute to the famous Insex Studio, and therefore to PD who set out the standards for the amazing bdsm movies we now can find at Kink and many similar sites.

Erebos is Greek for “Place of Darkness”.

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BDSM explorations in art

Like many BDSM artists/illustrators, I don’t really live the lifestyle… unless you count “in my head”. And like many male BDSM artists I’ve met, my interest started very young and was shaped by the media of the day (this is the part where I give away my age) – perilous adventures like those of Batgirl, Honey West, Emma Peele, Speed Racer’s Trixie, along with the dark sexual horror of the Hammer films. Coming from the print side I was inspired (and continue to be) by the pulp novels of the day, along with racy true crime magazine covers. I connected with those works and brought me a level of excitement beyond most other genre creations… even sci-fi, which is my other creative love.


Fast forward a few decades and my drawings found a home in some specialized B&D publications… and well as in sci-fi works. But time marches on and once I became properly introduced to 3D Poser/DAZ Studio as a medium, my imagination shot into high gear and my creative volume soared to new heights. I now work almost exclusively digitally.


My BDSM work has always leaned heavily towards the subjects of captivity, peril, and torture, though on the latter point I find it more fun to set the scene and let the viewer take the next step in their minds. I’ve explored BDSM settings in science fiction, fantasy, and the contemporary world.


The real challenge I face is trying to keep it fresh. It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut continuing to picture the three or four things that punch one’s buttons. In that respect I have admired Insex creator PD throughout his adult entertainment career. He’s managed to keep evolving and creating while maintaining a high output. And his mind is deliciously devious… I respect that in a guy!


At any rate I hope you’ll enjoy the gallery here. It’s only a tiny fraction of my output, but hopefully it gives a decent cross section of my BDSM explorations. You can see more of my work at Art of Darkness (registration is necessary but free). My Deviant Art page is mostly for my sci-fi work, but you can find a few bits of erotica sprinkled through that gallery as well.