Strictly 18+ only


EmmaS creates magnificent 3D BDSM images. A lot of her art is inspired by femdom themes, as she invites us to enter her imaginative worlds where men merely exist for being humiliated, sissified and tortured (not necessarily in that order).

In fact, the males she renders are reduced to ‘creatures with a penis’, their sexual organ either neatly caged up in a chastity device, or displayed in full erection, as if the obligation of having an erection is a simple and natural expectation, which adds up to their humiliation. Males are nude, showing deep-red whip marks all over their skin, and are just living toys, regardless of public surroundings, or of the atrocities being afflicted on them, or of the ever present pain, or of the irreversible circumstances when being sold to the first girl passing by. Men endure strict bondages, cruel whippings, and can expect to be used, punished and ordered around (e.g. as a pony) by any possible whim of the ladies in charge.

Ah, but also, EmmaS depicts extremely beautiful ‘damsels beyond distress’, as girls are being tormented, deformed, trained and subjected to whatever cruelty their creator puts them in, and believe me, there are no boundaries to the imagination of EmmaS.

To see more of her incredible art, please visit renderotica.