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Franco Saudelli

I am pleased Franco Saudelli agreed to be introduced on this page. For the BDSM magazine that I edited during 12 years​​, he was so kind to allow me an interview. Here is an extract :

How did you start making comics?

I started as an assistant to an older artist. I've learned a lot from him after which I could start my first professional work.

Which drawing techniques you usually use, and why?

I draw with pencil and add the shadows in pencil. The coloring I do with Photoshop. That is the technique I use preferably for the art work on my website. It's the quickest way to add color and you know ... people do love color.

Are you full-time professionally creating art?

Yes. Drawing is my hobby and it is also my professional activity. It is my passion ... I'm a lucky guy. I draw comics for the Italian publisher Bonelli : a comic series called "Dylan Dog", a fantasy-thriller-horror comic that is very successful in Italy. And I create bondage illustrations because bondage is my great love. I am working on bondage art ... since I'm eighteen ...

To see more of my bondage work please visit my website : You know that site?

Read the entire interview (Dutch only).