Strictly 18+ only


Artist, Hobbyist and creator of Traditional Art

Grigbertz (Sweden) is an artist who seems to focus on Dungeons & Dragons, illustrations for role play scenarios, furry creatures and BDSM fetishes. Most of his drawings involve elfine captives in various types of steel restraint or submissiveness. His website has storylines, isolated scenes, visual jokes, and drawings of a slave-owning medieval society (Gor with a twist and smile?).

A lot of different role playing campaigns have been created played and illustrated over the years, by him, it seems.

His landscapes, if any, are surreal and dreamlike, and in many drawings you need to try to not to focus on the sexy central figure, to find lovely details, a mouse peeping, or some magic. His art work makes you ask questions: Is the flying serpent near her a friend? What is that thing he hides? And why is she up there? As a sacrifice? Or is this the only way she can learn the vital clue she needs?

The scenes are sometimes very brutal, as they hint towards executions, but then again, the victims never seem to despair, because in role play, there is always a lucky charm or a brave knight popping up to… ah, never setting them free, no… to enslave them again, of course, since that is what they are craving for with a big smile on their face! Grigbertz has an amazing ability to combine cold brutality with gentle caretaking.