Strictly 18+ only

Jeff Fairbourn (Faile 35)

Jeff is an awesome artist who does some stunning work that you can't help but love if you're into damsels and distress imagery.

In his Deviant Art gallery he shows fantasy babes in bondage, especially of the scantily-clad variety.

For those who love damsels in distress images, I recommend Jeff’s yearly Bikini Babes in Peril Calendar - you can order here.

Jeff tells us:

What I want to answer is: What is the story behind each piece of art? My art has an "illustration" feel to it, but what are the stories I'm illustrating?  I have series of drawings and paintings that look and feel like windows into backgrounds and plots, but what are those backgrounds and plots? What would be the NEXT illustration in a particular storyline? Or what was the one before?

"It's the question that drives you..." Trinity would say to me.  And she would be right. ANY comments in that regard will be like gold to me.

Tell me the story. Please. Tell me what COULD be happening, what SHOULD be happening. What DID happen, and what WILL happen next? Who are the figures in the pictures? Why are they there, doing what they're doing? What are their goals? What are their fears? What is their past? What will be their fate?

Requests for more, suggestions for other works, questions about what might be occurring in any image, imaginations that you get from looking at these images, and explanations for what they mean--these are my oxygen, people.  They are the air I breathe.

I hope to breathe deeply.”