Strictly 18+ only

Laurent Lebeau

I am a professional graphic artist specialized in Fetish art, and since 1993, I am working as a free-lancer Illustrator for many Magazines in the US and Europe.

I have created more than 2000 artworks and exhibited many of them on prestigious Fetish place and events like Club Doma in Holland, The Paddles in Manhattan, Lair de Sade in Hollywood California and SMART Cafe in Austria. I also decorated a few playrooms and clubs as Q Pit in Belgium or the Barbar in Bangkok. I am working for private collectors as well. I have illustrated 2 books for Claudia Varrin and one for DJ King.

I also have shown my art during big fetish parties like the famous Black and Blue Ball; Demonia Night in Paris, and Torture garden in Tokyo, as well as the micro Gynosupremacy World of OWK in Czeck Republic.

Creating drawings is an intensive pleasure and passion. I am drawing since my childhood and I specialized in the fetish domain; the most imaginative domain I never seen.

Of course, I find my inspiration on what I am seeing and on what I am living too. I invite you to visit my galleries and involve yourself into my deepest fantasies...