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A picture and a thousand words

I started looking into Poser to help get some of the images in my head out. I knew there were stories worth reading or seeing and wanted to illustrate them. I stumbled on DAZ simply because I didn't have the money at the time to buy Poser! My first renders were bad. Really bad. You'll never see them, because I deleted them  and the computer they were drawn on crashed. A message from the universe?

My next computer was better, bigger and faster, and my artwork got better also. The new machine allowed me to work faster and do more with each image. Shadows, lighting, textures, for a long time every image was a lesson until I found that I had a style. My own unique signature that other people recognized as me. I had someone once tell me that an image wasn't mine because it didn't have the “pop” that I put into the work. It was a commission.

Every picture tells a story, but every picture is only one instant in a story also. I try to put words to the stories that my pictures tell. It started as a simple description, but many people asked for more, so I started telling a short story to go along with the pictures. Soon I was knitting the pictures together into a more or less continuous narrative of the conquest and suppression of a mythical human planet by a race of aliens. All with a decidedly bdsm slant.

I started looking for ideas for the stories at about the same time I started getting volunteers. The first one went something like, “I wish I was her”, in a comment on a picture on DeviantArt. I thought, “why not?” I asked if I could make a character to match the girl and use her in future artwork. The Volunteer Victims have snowballed from there and I've started really trying to bring the story of The Dystopian Conquest together into a publishable format. With the real girls and boys who've volunteered as the cast. Who knows? Maybe one day you'll see it on the SciFi XXX channel.

If you want to volunteer you can contact me.


To see more of the art work of Pyrosthenes, visit Deviant art.