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Roberto Baldazzini

Roberto Baldazzini (born August 18, 1958, Vignola Italy) is a graphic artist who specializes in writing and illustrating full-color erotic comic books.

His yearning for drawing comics became very strong at 14. From 1977 to 1978 he attends Bologna’s Discipline of Arte, Music and Entertainment. Soon after that he gets through the entrance examination at the Academy of Fine Arte of Bologna, which he attends for five years before finally leaving and becoming a pro.

In 1982, Luigi Bernardi’s magazine, Orient Express, publishes his first professional work, a full colour comic story featuring the character of Alan Hassad, a private eye, written by Daniele Brolli. Since then, he has created numerous other comic book characters, and has created advertising art as well. His graphic style plays with black and white, and his talent for depicting sensual women has made him a regular guest in several erotic magazines, such as Glamour, Blue, Diva, Penthouse Comix and Geisha.


Comic books :

  1. Un jour seulement (Un giorno soltano)
  1. The 110 bj’s # Les 110 pipes (Le 110 pompe)
  2. Domina in Red
  3. Lady Brown
  1. Casa Howhard Volume 1
  2. Casa Howhard Volume 2 (La Sfida)
  3. Casa Howhard Volume 3 (Intimità)
  4. Casa Howhard Volume 4
  5. Casa Howhard Volume 5: Manga Dreams
  1. The Awakening of Chiara Rosenberg
  2. La double vie d’une dominatrice
  1. Hurricane #1

Illustrated books :

Cooperation with Franco Saudelli :

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