Strictly 18+ only


I use watercolor a lot and ball point-pen for line drawings, which I often scan and color up digitally. occasionally I might draw entirely on the computer (using a digitizing tablet) but I find still conventional artwork gives me better sense of detail and control.


Though I may be a big name in the femdom community, I'm hardly known in the art world, and I don't see that will change very soon. I'm not too bothered by that-so long as I am appreciated by enough people and that a few of them keep me regularly supplied with commissioned work- that is fine.

I tend to be rather peripheral to the "scene" in that  I know quite a lot of people in it , but rarely go to clubs or act out my fantasies physically. Though I know a lot of mistresses and subs I don't play as such. I find drawing it all "short-circuits" the desire to fulfill it in reality-either that or the reality just can't measure up to what I fantasize about. I don't think that fantasies necessarily need to be acted out  anyway.


I'm quite excited by the prospect of selling limited edition prints of my work now. My first set has just been published by Obsession Art-"Shanghai Bizarre Set 1"

Other projects are in the offing if that proves successful-and at some point I will have done my own Venus in Furs. Quite a lot of work has already been done on it . It remains to finish off the artwork and think about publishing.

Otherwise I just continue to try to please the few who understand the theme.