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My name isn’t Turnkey, but that is what I call myself on Renderotica and my contributions to Chainganggirls. These pictures are just a hobby, and I live a normal life in the real world.

I work in Poser 7, though I can’t claim to be very good at it. I’ve always had an interest in female captives, slaves, forced labour and punishment, in the prison type environment. Why I like dirty smelly, slaves over than clean and perfumed variety I don’t know – any budding psychoanalysts out there?

I try to capture the emotional aspect of the images which is why there isn’t much outright sexual activity in the pictures, the sex is either happening before or after the scene described.

I particular enjoy other interpretation of picture and the stories inspired by them. Most feedback is from male doms, though I would like feedback and thoughts from the female sub perspective.