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P. s. WiL Cox

The Art of Restraint / Fantasy & Erotic Artwork

P.s. WiL Cox is an English born Graphic Artist, Designer & Photographer now living & working on the West Coast of Ireland. His Artwork has been used for many media applications including CD artwork & book covers as well as stage backdrop designs at Underground dance events.

Having begun his career as a Graphic Artist using pen & ink, WiL now mainly works with the latest 3D rendering & Photo-manipulation software to produce highly detailed "digital paintings". Specialising in Fantasy Art & Erotica, his work has recently begun to gain an ever growing following through websites such as deviantArt & his Fetishworks have been published in several European specialist BDSM websites.

Most of WiL's Fantasy Artworks are based on the classic image of the scantily-clad or nude female warrior or figure prevalent in Fantasy Art since the days of Frank Frazetta & popularised by Artists such as Luis Royo & Boris Vallejo amongst others. These "Sisters of Rapture" so often depicted in the Fantasy Art genre go beyond mere gratuitous nudity. They are at their core - champions of Love, Beauty, Feminine Power & Sexual Passion.

More examples of WiL's Artwork can be found at :

WiL³D Things Fantasy Arts and The Art of Restraint and Deviant Art.

For Commission / Enquiries: send a mail to this address.