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Before starting BDSM play, ensure total body and play toy hygiene

What is hygiene?

Conditions and Practices that are to promote health including cleanliness, skin care, and the prevention of infections.

Why Cleaning Toys Counts

Sex toys generally make for safe sex, but if they aren't kept clean and sanitized, they can also be a great way to introduce bacteria and other nasty things to your body. That's because bodily fluids - including semen, vaginal fluids and blood - can linger on the surfaces of your toys. If that doesn't gross you out, consider this: some pathogens, such as the hepatitis C virus, can survive for several hours or even days outside of the body. So can bacteria from the anus, which can be dangerous if introduced anywhere else, such as the vagina. (Learn more tips on how to have safe anal sex in What You Need to Know About Anal Sex.)

To keep yourself and your partners safe, medical professionals recommend cleaning your sex toys thoroughly after each use. There are a number of different ways to effectively clean your toys, but the method you choose is often determined by what your toy is made of - and how you use it. The following are some preferred methods for keeping your bedside stock squeaky clean.

Ensure Body & Play Toy Hygiene

20 To Do before Starting BDSM Play