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Before starting BDSM play, dress up for the occasion

Dressing for Pleasure (DFP)

Leather, rubber, silk, lace, and tulle are common materials people wear when dressing for pleasure. Garments such as boots, corsets, body-hugging suits, dresses, and outfits resembling uniforms are also popular. Different outfits reinforce different roles within the BDSM community. Wearing leather, for example, may make dominants feel more powerful.

In mainstream society, flamboyant costumes are often the domain of women alone. However, men in the BDSM community are just as likely to wear elaborate outfits when they dress for pleasure. Some men also like to experiment with women’s clothing, whether they identify as transvestites or not.

Dressing for pleasure serves a number of purposes for members of the BDSM community. It can be a way to outwardly express their personality and desires, to separate themselves from the rest of society and show membership to their group. It can also be sexually arousing for both wearer and viewer. For this reason, some regard dressing for pleasure as a kind of foreplay.

What does Forced Dressing mean?

Forced dressing is a BDSM practice where a dominant may force their submissive to dress in a certain manner. They may do it privately for their own enjoyment or publicly. Generally, forced dressing is a form of psychological play as the purpose is often humiliation.

Forced dressing, as like any other "forced" BDSM activity, will generally be based on negotiations and agreements that the dominant and submissive have discussed in advance. For some, humiliation is a fetish in and of itself. For others the particular form of dress will indicate the fetish at play. Some may enjoy both the mode of dress and the humiliation.

It is important to remember that "forced" BDSM activities still must be consensual.

Dress up for the Occasion

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