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PRESENTING to her Master or Mistress for service:

PRESENTING to her Master for service is part of an overall behavioral modification in the training of a slave. PRESENTING is a portion of slave positions training. However is it not always a stationary position such as kneeling? It is a very valuable tool not only in slave training but also in slave management. PRESENTING continuously provides reinforcement of slavery and a constant reminder of the authority she gives her Master.

A slave usually learns how to PRESENT to her Master faster than she thinks she will. Learning to PRESENT and the slave positions seems to her like a lot, you will be surprised at how fast she learns.

What is PRESENTING to her Master for service in slave training?

PRESENTING means that a slave changes her current focus and directs her attention to her Master. When she enters the same room her Master is in; she first comes to him and assumes a modified STAND or KNEEL position and awaits instructions. The instructions could be a word such as “CONTINUE” which means go on about your business or she could be given an order to complete a task for her Master. By PRESENTING, she is making herself available to receive instructions.

If the Master is standing then, the slave can PRESENT standing or kneeling. If the Master is sitting then, she can only PRESENT kneeling.

When does a slave PRESENT to her Master for service in slave training?

It depends on the control level you wish or the MODE you told her to assume. Often a Master will establish more than one control level or mode and by a voice command, place a slave at the level he desires. A higher level of control or MODE a slave uses allows less independent actions by the slave. Usually the highest level of control requires almost all movement by the slave to be done only at the direction of her Master. PRESENTING greatly assists the Master at these higher levels of control.

In addition, usually a Master will develop stricter speech patterns for a slave at higher levels.

In the lower levels of control, the Master may not require the slave to PRESENT or may change when and how she PRESENTS. In addition, speech patterns may be relaxed. For example, she may be only required to say “Yes, Sir” instead of “Sir, Yes, Sir, Thank you, Sir” at lower levels or modes.

The following are examples of when a slave PRESENTS  for service in slave training in the higher levels or modes:

1) When the slave enters the same room as her Master.

2) Before the slave exits the room her Master is in.

3) After completing a task or order given by her Master in order to receive additional orders.

4) When approached by her Master.

5) When ordered to PRESENT.

If she enters a room her Master is in, she PRESENTS. She PRESENT in order to see if there are any orders for her or to gain permission to continuing what she is doing. Before exiting a room that her Master is in, she PRESENTS to obtain permission to leave his presence and to see if he desires anything before she leaves his presence.

Now obviously, if given a task requiring her to leave and enter the same room several times, she will not PRESENT to her Master each time. She enters and leaves his presence until her completion of the assignment. After completion, she then returns and PRESENTS.

If he approaches her with intent to give her an order, she stops what she is doing, then PRESENTS and focuses her attention on her Master to receive instructions.

When the slave has completed a task assigned by her Master, she comes back to her Master and PRESENTS for the purpose of receiving further instructions.

A Master may issue the command PRESENT, if he desires, in order to focus her attention on him in order to give her instructions, ask questions or issue further commands.

How is PRESENTING different than the STAND or KNEEL positions?

If ordered by a voice command or signal to the STAND or KNEEL positions, the slave remains still, not moving. When she normally presents without being ordered, she is allowed some limited movement in order to keep her Master in her vision. Example: A slave may enter the same room as her Master and he may not notice her at first because he is doing something else. If he moves from in front of her, she moves in order to view him and wait for instructions.

Why teach a slave to PRESENT during slave training?

One of the functions of a slave is to serve her Master. At a high level or mode, the focus is on more direct control and use of the slave in his service. PRESENTING allows the Master effective control of his property.

PRESENTING forces a behavior from the slave that focuses on her slavery and serving her Master. It is a very effective training tool.

In addition, it makes the control and management of a slave much easier. It is also a very useful management tool if more than one slave is in the service of a Master.

Command used to control a slave girl in PRESENTING.

The following commands are often used:

“PRESENT” is a voice command used by the Master to order a slave into a PRESENT position.  The position is much like the STAND or KNEEL positions. Depending on when used.

“CONTINUE” is a voice command used by a Master to order the slave to continue what she is doing. It means I have NO changes or additional orders for you at this time, continue what you are doing. In addition, often a hand wave is also used to indicate the command “CONTINUE,” if the Master wishes to use it instead of the vocal command.

“RETURN” is a voice command. A Master, while giving a slave an order or task to complete may add the command “and RETURN.” The command “and RETURN” means that after the slave has completed the task assigned by the slave, she returns to what she was doing without first PRESENTING to you. The slave is required to PRESENT after completing the task, if she is NOT given the command “and return” as part of the original orders. Example: A slave peeling potatoes. She is given a command open and window. If, she is given the “and return” order, she goes back to peeling potatoes without PRESENTING. If not, then she PRESENTS to her Master after opening the window and awaits further orders. The command would be “CONTINUE” if he desired her to go back to peeling Potatoes after she PRESENTED.


PRESENTING is part of a taught system of behavior that is required of a slave. Often how a slave PRESENTS, speaks to her Master, sits, eats, and dresses is determined by pre-existing rules that are tied to modes or levels. That means that a slave is taught how to act depending on the mode or level her Master places her in. A simple command changes her total behavior.

PRESENTING is part of a taught system of behavior required of a slave. Often, how a slave PRESENTS, speaks to her Master, sits, eats, and dresses are determined by pre-existing rules tied to modes or levels. That means a slave is taught how to act depending on the mode or level her is placed in by her Master. A simple command changes her total behavior.

For example, the Master my issue the command “slave MODE,” This would mean that the slave assumes a more restrictive speech and behavioral mode that require her to PRESENT before any action she takes. Before she moves, she needs a command from her Master.

He may also issue the voice command “RELAXED MODE.” This would be a less restrictive speech mode and may not require her to PRESENT before performing a task or leaving her Master’s presence.

Usually a whole set of instructions are conveyed to the slave by the simple commands “slave MODE”, “service MODE”, or “relaxed MODE.” Each has a different meaning to the slave. How the slave dresses, speaks to her Master and PRESENTS are among the pre-determined instructions included with the simple command.

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