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Waiting / preparing herself in accordance with instructions

Anticipation is the key word.

I strongly believe the mind is our largest sex organ. I absolutely love and thoroughly enjoy the lost art of seduction! I don’t think I fully appreciated the importance and the erotic fun of building that sense of anticipation inside a partner until much later in life… With maturity and experience comes an appreciation for the finer things in life – like a fine gourmet meal with many courses, the goal of great sex is to savor each course slowly and enjoy the journey rather than rushing to the destination. With time, you learn that truly mind-blowing sex in not a purely physical act of genitals but an act of intense emotions with someone you are deeply connected to that starts in the mind.

Our Minds Are Our Largest Sex Organs… Arouse It!

I describe the art of creating sexual anticipation in a partner as “Pre-Foreplay”. The basic idea of “Pre-Foreplay” is making a female partner incredibly mentally aroused so she is intensely turned on BEFORE you ever touch or ksiss her… Pre-foreplay extends physical foreplay out to several days of romantic mental foreplay. A highly mentally aroused woman can climax much faster, much easier and much more often. I firmly believe multiple female orgasms are the key metric of a loving, happy relationship because it truly measures being emotionally and physically connected as a couple.

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