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The classic greeting, or presentation, ritual is a tried-and-true transition technique. Here the submissive kneels in front of her Dominant and kisses his/her feet, shoes or boots. The sub remains in this position until a hand or verbal signal tells him/her to rise and maintain a kneeling position until instructed further.

Another popular ritual is the inspection ritual. Here the submissive is required to kneel with his/her legs spread so the Dominant can inspect her/his private parts and make sure they are satisfactory. This is a superb triggering protocol; it has “submission” written all over it!

Although the greeting and inspection rituals are both popular and powerful, the transitioning protocol can be virtually anything. The Dom/me’s hand on the slave’s cheek, a particular look, a series of words or phrases, a slap to the face, a hair pull or just the touch of the Dom/me’s hand on the neck can trigger the transition. Any series of consistent, ritualized actions can activate the transition into submissive headspace  – and thus reinforce the Dom/me’s “Domspace.”.

Examples of D/s rituals, rules, and protocols

Rituals are automatic and a good sub shouldn’t have to be asked to do it every time. If a sub does forget (they’re not perfect) they should be disciplined to the proper degree.  A good Dom doesn’t make up rituals just for the sake of having one.  There should be a reason for them and should be for their pleasure. To give you some ideas, here are a few examples of the rules and protocols:

1. Kneeling

Kneeling before being allowed to go to bed, kneeling when the Dominant enters the room you are in, kneeling before a scene as well.

2. Arrival greeting

Can be any physical act, such as kneeling before the Dominant in any submissive waiting pose, accompanied with or not formal greeting texts.

3. A morning text

A beautiful example is a joint ritual of every morning texting each other.  The Dominant could texts her first to tell her good morning and that he loves her.  She can reply with how she is feeling, a detailed plan for her day, and that she loves him.

BDSM Rituals for Greeting the Owner

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