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The idea for this document is not the same as having a journal or blog to document your life in and I thought it was an excellent idea and a useful tool for many relationships. Maybe even yours! So, let's talk about what Dan and dawn had to say about them and perhaps you might see it as the key to improving your service that has been missing for you.

The Slave Journal used for this purpose is a physical book. It makes no difference for size or style, but it does have to be something you'll carry with you everywhere. If you are a journal collector like myself and dawn then you will love an excuse to buy a pretty journal every time you fill one up. It will become what Dan called, "part of the slave's accessories." The journal isn't meant for reflective writing like the journaling and blogging that I encourage everyone to do at least occasionally. The Slave Journal is a log of command, instructions, and requests from the Dominant. When they ask for you to do something, you write it down. Things like new rules, mention that they prefer Charmin toilet paper or that they love the red dress you wore the other night.

The desires and interests of your Dominant don't get forgotten this way! The journal is a way of logging your progress on the new rules, current projects you are working on and keeping a growing list of your Dominant's preferences. If you are a slave that likes to be organized and go above and beyond your current level of submission then it might be interesting to pick it up on your own.

That's right, a Dominant doesn't have to tell you to keep one of these. Of course, if you want them to check it, monitor your use of it or in any other way control that part of your submission, you definitely need to talk to them first.

But Dominants can be enhanced by requiring and adding a Slave Journal to their training routine also.

It's also something that Dominants like Dan from the podcast, find to be a useful tool for their relationship. Dan said he liked to randomly ask his slave where her journal was so that he could first, make sure they knew where it was, and second to check it for use. Not really to read it through, but you can tell when something has newer information vs. old unused content. It's another way to check in, talk about things going on in the relationship and then reporting back.

Another useful way to use The Slave Journal is to keep it for making notes at D/s meetings, munches and classes you attend. It can be a great resource for learning material, jotting down websites or books you are interested in checking out and becoming a vital and current resource collection.

So, while I am still pondering how a Slave Journal would work for me and if I can see myself using on a regular basis I came up with a lot of personal ideas for what could go in it (and what color I wanted it :-P).

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