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Learning to make spontaneous confessions

Forced or coerced confessions = Confession Game or Interrogation Role Play

A forced confession is a confession obtained from a suspect or a prisoner by means of torture (including enhanced interrogation techniques) or other forms of duress. Depending on the level of coercion used, a forced confession is not valid in revealing the truth.

Obviously, the role play of forced confessions is very valid in BDSM scenes and can be big fun. Having to tell (under pressure) a first sexual experience, or the most humiliating scene from her life…

Spontaneous confessions = Honesty in a sub = Confession as a Rule

Being a sub is in the heart, not just obtained by spanking…

Think of the following situation: if rules are set in de BDSM relationship, or during the time of a BDSM play scene, and the Dom did not notice that one of those rules has been broken, whether or not deliberately.

From a sub, I would excepect a spontaneous confession, even if it could be followed by a punishment that is not pleasant at all.

Honesty in a sub is of vital importance, to my opinion.

Confession Rules and Games

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