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What does Female Dominance (Femdom) mean? F/m

Female dominance (femdom) refers to a BDSM scene or relationship in which a female is the dominant partner, or top partner. A dominant female may have a number of different names, including dominatrix, mistress or madame. Female dominants often engage in BDSM activities such as bondage, ball busting, humiliation, face sitting, forced feminization, forced chastity, forced orgasm, and pegging.

While femdom is specific to BDSM, any woman can give her partner a thrill by donning a corset and some stilettos and throwing a little female domination into the mix. Start out small by ordering your submissive to worship you and your body or by making them grovel at your feet. If your submissive is being naughty, be prepared to punish them with a little spank on the butt or a unique bondage position. Before engaging in any BDSM play, however, make sure that all players consent to the activities and follow all safety guidelines, particularly the use of a safe word.

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