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What does InterracialDom mean? What does Allotriorasty mean?

Race play requires extra-sensitive negotiation and consent.

It is rather delicate to call someone a “brown slave” and demand that she repeats that she is a property. Race play is just as, if not more, delicate a negotiation than master-slave. It is so loaded. They are some of the deepest, edgiest emotional role-play scenes that two loving people can agree to do together.

Allotriorasty is a sexual preference for partners of different races or nationalities. The term is most commonly applied to an attraction for women of other ethnicities, although any person of any gender or sexual orientation may have harbour this preference.

People with allotriorasty may fantasize about pursuing relationships with people of other nationalities, or actively pursue these relationships in real life.

Allotriorasty is common amongst people who are attracted to individuals with accents than differ from their own. People with allotriorasty typically prefer people of specific races over others. In some cases, this preference may be considered a taboo.

Theorists suggest that allotriorasty may be connected to a subconscious desire to diversify a community’s gene pool. However, the preference has come under criticism from some people who believe it is a form of racism.

Interracial pornography looks to appeal to people with a mild to intense form of allotriorasty.

Most people with allotriorasty consider their preference to simply be a part of their sexual identity. However, if allotriorasty starts to interfere with a person’s relationships or lives in any way, they may wish to seek therapy to learn how to manage the condition.

IN BDSM terms it refers to dominants who are in charge of submissives with a different skin color.

We want to emphasize that by no means we encourage the thought that people with different skin colors should be dominated by others. All people are equal, regardless of background, skin color, region, religion, sexual preferences etc.

However, we condemn any sexual act or fantasy involving children (= people under 18).

InterracialDom - Allotriorasty

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