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What does Maid Training mean?

Maid training is a type of BDSM role playing activity in which a submissive performs a range of acts of domestic servitude to please their dominant partner.

During maid training, submissives perform the duties typically expected of a domestic maid. This may include cleaning the dominant’s house, cooking the dominant's meals, and washing the dominant’s clothes. The dominant may also teach the submissive how to properly behave. This instruction may include lessons in curtsying, deportment, and how to dress.

The dominant will oversee the submissive’s duties and administer punishment if they are not performed to a satisfactory standard. Punishments may involve spanking or flogging, humiliation, bondage, confinement, or anal punishment.

Submissives may wear costumes to enhance the role playing exercise such as a traditional frilly French maid’s outfit or a type of fetish wear, such as a rubber maid’s outfit. Such costumes can also help display a maid’s submission to the dominant.

What does House Slave mean?

House slave is a gender-neutral term for a submissive person who typically lives with their dominant partner. A house slave performs household duties, as a maid would, generally while in a state of undress. These duties typically include cleaning up after the dominant partner, preparing meals, and generally maintaining a happy home. Punishment may be administered if these duties are not performed to the dominant partner’s satisfaction.

House slaves most commonly live with their dominant partners, but this is not always the case. Those who do live with their partners often operate as house slaves 24/7, servicing their dominants by performing household chores and acts of sexual servitude.

A house slave who does not satisfactorily perform his or her duties may be punished for insubordination. This punishment may take the form of typically D/S practices, including sexual subordination.

As with all BDSM relationships, a house slave enters into this arrangement of their own free will. They can also leave at any time, often has a safe word in place, and may have signed a contract with their partner that specifies the detail of their arrangement, prior to commencing their role as house slave.

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