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Formal dinner parties are popular among many people, vanilla and kinky. A high protocol kinky dinner is an enjoyable evening for many within the BDSM community. Just make sure you read over the rules before you go!

We love these kind of dinner parties! Watch the guests dressed in formal attire while the waitresses are topless, serving them and going under the table to give the guests special service.

You and your female partner could become part of such a scenario. For one night, we take you back to the time of decadent clubs, where the british aristocracy enjoyed a life of lust and sweet nothings. This evening takes place in a big castle, exclusively reserved for our guests only. Enjoy the privacy and intimate atmosphere. We limited the number of guest to an absolute minimum, enabling most guests to stay overnight at one of the castles hotel rooms. The dresscode of that evening is strictly black tie for the gentlemen, while the ladies wear their finest lingeries and corsets, garters, stockings and high heels, all to please the eyes of the masters. Dominant gentlemen with their submissive maids are equally welcome, as the well manored man who likes to show and share his wife. The hotel room check-in in the castle starts from 3 p.m., welcome drinks will be served at 5 p.m. and will mark the beginning of the Night of the Gentlemen.

One of the favoured past times of the upper class at clubs, was gambling. We would like to keep that tradition alive, but instead of Whist or Hazard, we play No Limits Texas Hold'em. But instead of playing for money, the gentlemen offer the service of their ladies for various duties and the enjoyment of the other gamblers. A serious round of cards, soon turns into an orgy.

High Class Service at Dinner & Orgy

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