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Although ageplay remains on the ‘too taboo’ side of the kinky fence for many people, ‘naughty schoolgirl teasing the pervy Headmaster and who deserves a spanking’ has an enduring popularity in the adult role-play world. Schoolgirl costumes are sold in the majority of adult retail stores; I’ve seen some of the customers on nights out enjoying their hen party…

Because despite the seeming conflict between school-age wear and sexy adult fun, the hotness of disguising extreme filthiness in the epitome of innocence simply can’t be denied. This is role-play, so any corruption of innocence is of course 100% make-believe. The thrilling pleasure of an adult couple playing stern and experienced Headteacher with innocent-yet-naughty schoolgirl or school boy is, however, very real.

Like the Boss & Secretary role-play idea, you can always switch things around if you prefer. Instead of the innocently brattish schoolgirl/boy getting a thorough spanking then a hard fucking, perhaps it’s the threat of the Headteacher losing their job which the schoolgirl/boy holds over them… forcing them to please the wicked pupil in any way they desire, and obey all their bratty demands.

What does Schoolgirl Fetish mean?

The schoolgirl fetish is a common fetish that describes sexual arousal by or sexual interest in role play that involves dressing as a schoolgirl.

The schoolgirl fetish is similar in nature to the bridal fetish. It is the innocence and virginity that attracts the fetishist. Also, the unattainability of the schoolgirl comes into play for the fetishist, as it is something that they want, but isn’t acceptable to have. The uniform become the symbol of fetishistic satisfaction, like a trophy they once were prevented from achieving.

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