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What does Erotic Hypnosis mean?

Erotic hypnosis is the technique of putting someone in a trance-like state to inspire or satisfy their sexual desires. An erotic hypnotist may work with someone in person, over the phone, via video chat, or through videos. A session or sessions of erotic hypnosis may help someone achieve orgasm, lose their sexual reservations, feel more confident in their body, or achieve another kind of erotic goal.

When asked why erotic hypnosis has such an appeal to the BDSM community in an article for Bizarre Tsander highlighted the similarities between hypnosis and the sensual release of the dom/sub dynamic. “It’s all tied up in issues of power and relinquishing control,” he stated. Hypnosis itself can also be a fetish, as Tsander notes that “I’ve met people who get a buzz from being hypnotized or the idea of it—usually vanilla individuals with a submissive side they haven’t come to terms with”.

In short erotic hypnosis can provide couples with a safe and wonderfully unique way of exploring their own proclivities towards dominance and submission.

Time freeze or time stop fetish

I'm talking about being turned on by the idea of time being stopped, coming to a halt, through magical means or otherwise. There's just something sexually exciting to me about the idea of people being rigid, immobile, and unconscious. I also mean the idea of time itself being frozen and not just people; it's an added spice if you have objects hanging in midair or some moving inanimate object, like a sink faucet turned on, freezing to show that's the case. It's also particularly arousing if it's the idea of time actually being stopped rather than one of those "actually moving really fast things."

It's actually the idea of the woman being frozen that turns me on- something about her being still like a statue, unconscious, not aging and with all her vital functions frozen. Sex with a frozen person would be sweet, but I'd want to keep it consensual.

Hypnosis & Time-Stop Role Play

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