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What does Dollification mean?

Dollification is a sexual fetish where one partner is 'transformed' into a doll through makeup, mannerisms, or even plastic surgery. The doll-like partner normally adopts a more submissive role and enjoys being toyed with while the dominant individual is aroused by the control that they exert over the doll.

Dollification does not necessarily lead to sexual intercourse. In some cases, this fetish can be integrated into the couple's everyday activities. For example, the wife can dress up as a doll and adopt a stiff, lifeless posture while her husband performs typical activities related to playing with dolls. These include brushing her hair, changing her clothes and shoes, and feeding her.

The doll-like partner may also enjoy morphing into a figurine. In more extreme cases, this fetish can even lead to various forms of surgical interventions to modify one's appearance and consequently look like a doll. Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova, for example, is a Ukrainian model notable for her extensive surgical procedures designed to transform her into a human Barbie doll.

Agalmatophilia = Sex Doll Fetish

Doll fetishism is a sexual fetish where an individual is attracted to doll-like objects and sex dolls, like the figurines and others. The attraction includes the desire for real sexual fantasy with an animate or inanimate doll or encounters between the sex dolls themselves or sexual pleasures gained from thoughts of being transformed.

Agalmatophilia involves sexual attraction with a statue, figurative object or a doll directly. Agalmatophilia is not to the same as supernatural powers and fictions of those who bring an icon to life, referred to as Pygmalionism as per Henry Havelock Ellis about Pygmalionism in his Studies in the Psychology of Sex. It’s also falling love with statues, which is a rare type of erotomania discovered on visionary sense and is closely related to the allurement of beauty. Pygmalionism was sometimes restricted to cases in which a man requires a prostitute hence will end up assuming that the statue can act as one; therefore the idea comes in.

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