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You’ve been won for a fair price in a very busy sex slave auction. Your new owner quite liked the look of you and fought off the competition in a fierce bidding war, to win you all to themselves once the gavel came down. Now, still shackled (and possibly collared, and clamped in various places), you’re led away by your new owner to prove you’re worth your price tag.

This role-play idea is scorching hot. It’s also versatile enough to provide a little fun kink to those wishing to just dip a toe into the waters of BDSM, or you could go all-out if you share an objectification fetish.

At its mildest, the sex slave is won in an auction and proves they are indeed worth their price, via a raunchy sex session. To add a more fetishistic element, you could use actual bondage accessories like a collar and leash, wrist cuffs, nipple clamps and even labia/clit clamps to role-play the slave auction scene. You might also decide to include bondage and spanking during the incredibly hot sex which follows…

Make sure you please your new Master or Mistress, however, or they might re-sell you to another owner at the next auction!

Auction Role Play

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