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Before we get into this, I want to be clear that I’m in no way making fun of or denigrating strippers or the profession. In fact, I happen to quite admire what it takes to do this for a living. With that being said, I present one of my more fondly utilized scene ideas: Forced Stripping.

This scene could go one of many ways, but I’d first like to touch on how this feeds the submissive headspace. Stripping in it of itself is an exhibitionist’s dream. If you have a submissive who is more demure or shy perhaps, this is a great way to open them up. Obviously every scene you do should be properly negotiated beforehand and only you can know your play partner’s limits. Any time you engage in “forced” [insert scene activity here] there is always an element of risk and you should play with caution. Now, back to the fun stuff-if you have a shy sub, which I happen to have personal experience with, the entire act of dancing in front of or even stripping for someone can be very exhilarating, humiliating, sexy…any number of feelings. It can play into many types of kinks including humiliation, degradation, exhibitionism, and power exchange just to name a few. If you have an outgoing sub or play partner, then this is a way for them to show off and impress you.

First you’ll want to set the scene. Not everyone is going to have a stripper pole in their home (if you do, kudos to you!) but many public dungeons, swinger clubs, and play spaces do! So if you want to add another element to the scene, make it public at one of these places. But in lieu of a pole, a chair will do or you can be extra sadistic and make them fly solo with no props or assistance other than their bodies and the clothes on their backs.

Dim the lighting or even change the lighting color. Select a play list ahead of time. Try to think of songs that have both a great beat and/or have completely nasty lyrics. Examples would be “Bette Davis Eyes” if you want to keep it classy or Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” for a downright dirty tune. If you want to get really elaborate, buy your sub an “outfit” for the evening. Check (search “stripper clothes”) for some really inexpensive options. If they don’t know whats coming, the outfit may tip them off, but refrain from giving them any context until you absolutely have to.

Next you can allow the hilarity to ensue. Instruct your sub to perform the best strip tease of their life. If there is a pole then the “best pole dance” and so on. Turn the music on and see what happens. If they act reluctant, you can always have an implement handy such as a crop or a cane to “encourage” them. You can also make it the full stripper experience by having dollar bills to throw on them or put in their panties. If you feel your sub is up for it, you can set up a scenario where they must give someone (best to choose a trusted friend) or yourself a lap dance. Oftentimes this makes even the most brazen of subs shy. Or you can pair two sub together and make one give the other a lap dance. Once again, as with any scene, the options are endless!

As I mentioned before, the goal with this scene is to put your sub in a great headspace through humiliation and/or exhibitionism. You can go a dozen other directions from there or even have a different goal in mind. Through my personal experiences with this scene my play partners have expressed mortification, humor, sexual freedom and more. Make sure to do a post scene chat with your partner to learn what their experience was like.

Happy stripping!

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