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Alien Abduction

For years aliens have been watching earth. They have also been experimenting on humans in secret. Some know of their existence where as others deny their existence. What is truly unknown is that out of the people abducted by aliens, only one quarter of them return to earth. The extraterrestrials have their own way of life which is much different from the humans. The aliens see humans as pets and slaves. Every year they make a trip to earth and abduct hundreds of humans. They take them to their planet and do experiments on them and attempt to train them. Those who are not deemed worthy or cannot be trained are thrown back to earth with their minds scrambled so no one will believe their tales. The ones who are worthy and desired and who can be trained are kept as sexual slaves and pets. usually it is the beautiful women they keep but occasionally some men get kept too.

On the latest visit to earth YC spots MC and is instantly attracted. YC abducts MC and vows that you will keep MC at all cost and will be sure MC is trained properly no matter how YC has to teach her. After a thorough exam, YC takes MC and claims her as his and turns her into his personal sex slave/pet.

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