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What does Corporal Punishment mean?

Corporal punishment is a form of intended bodily harm on a submissive or slave in a BDSM relationship. Corporal punishment can include slapping, whipping, beating, and spanking a partner with their consent. Although this may sound ghastly to some who are unfamiliar with the community, enduring corporal punishment may actually help the submissive experience a release and pleasure. In the BDSM community, masochists who enjoy pain may derive extreme pleasure from corporal punishment. Another reason that others may enjoy corporal punishment is that many people find sexual stimulation and heightened pleasure from pain.

Corporal punishment is bodily harm and pain inflicted on a partner in a BDSM relationship. Heavy consent must be ensured between the two parties to create a safe environment. When done under the right circumstances, this practice can be pleasurable for both parties.

What does Play Punishment mean?

Play punishment is a specific type of punishment used in a BDSM relationship to spark an erotic encounter. Unlike traditional BDSM punishments, play punishments result from trivial misdeeds rather than from true behavioural infractions. While pain may be an element of play punishment, it is not usually too intense or severe.

Play punishment is also sometimes called funishment, a portmanteau of "fun" and "punishment."

Play punishment may be administered to the submissive for a minor misstep, such as overcooking dinner or forgetting to address their dominant as sir or ma'am. A play punishment does not look to correct these behaviours; instead this type of punishment often serves as an act of foreplay and a way to build connection between the submissive and dominant. It does not take the negative emotional toll of traditional punishment out on either the dominant or the submissive. Instead, play punishment is for the mutual pleasure of its participants. It can also be an emotional experience, although the emotions tend to more positive than those associated with “real punishment.”

Despite its differences from traditional punishment, play punishment may be administered in similar ways, such as through spanking, bondage, or erotic humiliation.

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