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What does Medieval Devices mean?

Medieval devices are BDSM toys and devices inspired by old medieval torture practices. They include several things such as the wooden horse, certain whips, caging, torture instruments, and stretching racks. Medieval devices are often used in contemporary BDSM bedroom practices today, but this is a safer environment. Since medieval torture devices are notorious for their cruelty and pain, these toys and devices are often left for more experienced and daring practitioners of BDSM.

The medieval era is renowned for its cruel punishments and painful torture of prisoners. Medieval devices are used in BDSM to inflict similar forms of humiliation onto the submissive. However, modern toys are often built for more recreational purposes and are meant to be used safely on partners.


Searching for the demon spot on a female body? Torturing the witch to retrieve information? Witch hunting and witch interrogation has everything to start a medieval inquisition role play session.

Medieval Inquisition Role Play

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