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What does Mental Bondage mean?

Mental bondage refers to the emotional control a Dom has over their submissive. Unlike physical restraints, mental bondage doesn’t require any of the usual BDSM accessories like handcuffs, scarves, rope, or padlocks. Mental bondage is often found in long-term and committed relationships. In some cases, mental bondage is also present in relationships where both the Dom and the sub indulge in sexual hypothesis.

In BDSM dynamics, mental bondage often symbolizes the submissive’s devotion towards their dominant. Often considered as an extremely erotic practice, mental bondage often varies in intensity. It normally depends on the nature and dynamics present in the relationship. This form of bondage is also a way for both partners to express their commitment to each other. Mental bondage often determines the submissive’s daily attire, attitude, and sexual freedom. A common example of mental bondage is when the dominant orders their sub not to climax without explicit consent.

Like physical play, mental bondage is also accompanied by safe words.

Mental Bondage

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