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Remember that your personal sexual enjoyment, no matter how abnormal you may think it is, is not a problem unless you're harming yourself or others or find that the fetish causes distress or impairment in your life or with your sexual enjoyment.

What does Fetish mean?

A fetish refers to an intense sexual fixation on a generally non-sensual object, body part, or situation. Some individuals with extreme fetishes, or paraphilias, may not even be able to become sexually aroused or climax without their chosen fetish.

There are all different types of fetishes, ranging from common to very unusual.

Think you have a fetish? Well, you're certainly not alone. It's estimated that the majority of people actually have some sort of fetish, whether they know it or not. So-called "normal" fetishes - regardless of the object of fixation - typically add nothing more than a little extra excitement to a person's sex life. Although some fetishes may seem odd, most fall within the confines of normal psychological behavior. A fetish may be considered a psychological disorder, however, when it is so overwhelming that it encroaches on a person's everyday activities, causing mental distress, and possibly erratic behavior.

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