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A list of fetishes with weird names and which are quite unusual, or in other words fetishes we would not suspect they exist (unless you have that fetish).


Attraction to people with braces (e.g. neck braces, leg braces).


Arousal to amputees.


Arousal to the sun’s rays.


Arousal to statues.

Agalmatophilia also involves those who are sexually aroused by or interested in mannequins or have a preference for dolls or mannequins over real-life sexual partners.


Arousal to a person of extreme stature, either giant or dwarf.

See also: Macrophilia - Giantess Sex.


Arousal to oneself as an amputee or arousal from amputation.


Arousal from water.


Attraction to spiders, spider-lover.


Perfect for those who enjoy the spotlight, autagonistophiliacs achieve sexual arousal by any type of public performance. Whether through a webcam show or a non-sexual performance such as a theater role, people with this fetish aren't going to get the stage fright that so many of us are used to.


Arousal to oneself [male only] in the form of a woman.


Arousal to oneself dressed as a giant cartoon-like stuffed animal.

Balloon Fetish / Looners

People with a balloon fetish (aka “looners”) find balloons sexually attractive and incorporate them into their sex lives. While some find creative ways to have sex with balloons, others simply enjoy the sight of their partner sitting on a balloon and popping it.


Arousal to caverns, crevices, and valleys.

Claustrophilia — People who are turned on by and / or prefer to have sex in tiny spaces.


Arousal to falling down stairs.


Centuries ago, phyisicians used to judge the taste of patient's feces to learn about their patient's health. Modern medicine and cleanliness tends to avoid any contact with feces. Coprophiliacs do the opposite. Aroused by scat, many enjoy watching others defecate or defecating on someone themselves.

Cum Fetish

People who identify as having a cum fetish are aroused by the act of cumming on their partner, being cummed on, and / or images of people who have been cummon-on. Something about the sticky mess of ejaculate on someone’s face, stomach, chest, or ass is tantalizing to those with a cum fetish.


Have you ever known someone who would be mean, it seemed, on purpose? You were convinced that they were actively trying to make you cry? Perhaps they were a dacryphiliac. Dacryphilia is a fetish for tears. Whether they are tears of pain, tears of joy, or tears of rage may not matter to this type of fetishist, as long as those salty streams are glistening from the corners of your eyes, you're the object of desire. For some, seeing other people cry is off-putting, and illicits awkwardness. For others, though, tears represent a physical manifestation of pure emotion, which, when you think about it, can be quite a beautiful thing. Tears come from sadness, hapiness, anger, and are usually indicitave of a strong feeling or emotion. When you look at it that way, dacryphilia just might be the most pure appreciation of human emotion there is.

Dirty Talk

People who love dirty talk – it’s a very common kink. You know what I’m talking about.


Attraction to vomit. Typically, when your date begins to vomit, it can be a real mood killer. Most people find the act of throwing up to be about as attractive as explosive diarrhea, but for the emetophiliac, vomiting might be the hottest thing that a date could do. Some might call it weird, some might recognize the appreciation of the way the sweat glistens on the pale forehead of someone who has recently vomited. A vomit fetish can hinge on a variety of vomit related things, such as the texture of vomit, the smell, or the noise associated with vomiting. Anything vomit related is fair game. In the porn industry, gagging and extreme facial abuse (including breath play and vomiting) are quite common, including BDSM themes. People with this unique kink might enjoy vomiting on others or being vomited on in a sexual context.


Arousal to older adolescents, approx. 15-19.


Attraction to farts.


Arousal to displaying one’s sexual organs in public.

Feeding / Feederism

Feeders or “encouragers” take pleasure in funneling excessive quantities of food into the mouths of “gainers.” Some extreme feeders enjoy the sensation of inserting their penis between a gainer’s fat folds.


Arousal to objects or specific body parts or specific persons or specific clothes.

Food Fetish

While some foods are actually aphrodisiacs because they have properties that induce sexual desire, sexual food play can involve any food that a person finds sexually stimulating. Food play is a form of sitophilia, which refers to arousal by erotic scenes centering food.


Arousal to insects. A lot of us freak out when we find a bug or insect crawling on us, but not formicophiliacs. Formicophiliacs are aroused by having small insects crawl on them and nibble on their private areas. Who knows, maybe once you let go of that horror you feel when something's crawling up your leg, it can actually feel quite nice.

This paraphilia tends to focus on the genital area, but other areas of the body may be pleasurable as well.


You may or may not have asked your partner to hold your coat or purse before, essentially using him or her as a coat rack. But what about using your partner as a coffee table? A towel rack? An ottoman? For some people, this is funny or entertaining, but, for some, it is a real turn on. Maybe it stems from the sheer discipline or muscle control required to hold a position for hours at a time, or maybe it is the ability to keep a straight face while pretending to be a sofa, but the bottom line is that for the forniphiliac nothing could be sexier. Those who have a forniphilia fetish are sexually aroused by seeing people act as furniture. Taken to the extreme, the human piece of furniture is tightly bound, ensuring that they maintain their form for extended periods of time. This practice is often used in BDSM play.


Arousal to touching a stranger surreptitiously in a crowded place.

You’ve probably been in a crowded place before in your life, whether it be at a concert or sporting event, or some other public event. You’ve probably been very close, too close, to a stranger. For you, it might have been uncomfortable or awkward. Unless, of course, you have a fetish for frotting. Frotting is a sexual fetish where the fetishist is sexually aroused by or interested in rubbing his or her genitals on unsuspecting strangers in public places. Have you ever had someone accidentally brush up against you? Maybe it was an accident. Then again, maybe it wasn't...


Arousal to the elderly. "MILF" is a popular porn category, but gerontophiliacs take it a step further. This is a sexual preference for those who are eligible for retirement benefits. Minimal studies have been done on this paraphilia. The prevalence of gerontophilia is unknown.


Arousal to pubescent aged children, approx. 11-14.


Also known as “vampire syndrome,” hematolagnia is sexual interest in blood or the desire to drink blood sensually.


Attraction to the clothing of one’s own gender.


Rubbing your penis between another person’s butt cheeks. (This is not about anal penetration, though it can lead there.)


Bad boy lust taken to the extreme! Someone with hybristophilia has a sexual attraction to criminals. In extreme cases, this manifests as an attraction to those who have committed horrific crimes. In less extreme cases, it can be an intense attraction to someone who lied or cheated outside of the relationship. Ted Bundy, a famous (and generally considered attractive) serial killer, used to find his courtroom packed full of women vying for his attention.


Intense sexual satisfaction derived from mirrors, often satisfied by having sex, stripping, or masturbating in front mirrors.


We’ve heard that there are hidden G-spots somewhere beyond the walls of the anus. The prostate can stimulate powerful orgasms and all it takes is opening the back door. Sometimes things or procedures that we think or expect to be awful end up being quite enjoyable. No doubt many klismaphiliacs felt this way the first time they had to receive an enema. Klismaphilia is the sexual fetish that involves sexual arousal derived from recieveing an enema. Typically, it is the feeling of the pressure that is what arouses the individual. Though it is usually the feeling of the enema that arouses the fetishist, individuals often experiment with different liquids during this practice.


Arousal to being tickled. Some of us find it annoying. Others find it painful. If you're into knismolagnia, though, you find tickling to be sexually arousing. A form of physical intimacy that entails sensual touching of very sensitive areas on the body, tickling is often used in non-sexual settings for bonding between people. A common sexual game is the "tickling game." This fetish can include restraining someone to avoid the person interfering with the tickling.


Arousal to stone and gravel.


or giantess sex is an abnormal sexual condition that involves being attracted to and aroused by someone who is much larger than you are physically. In short, it’s a phenomenon in which people are turned on by giants and fantasies involving giants.


Attraction to pregnant women.


Arousal to experiencing physical and psychological pain.


You love your car, but how much do you love your car? People with mechanophilia have a sexual attraction to machinery. While lots of people are machine-specific (such a bicycles, cars, helicopters, motorcycles, or airplanes), some people have a generalized sexual attraction to all types of machinery. Mechanophiliacs sometimes have a desire to engage in sexual relations with (or in) an airplane, car, bicycle, or helicopter.


Arousal to bees and wasps.


If you’re really into music, you probably know that euphoric feeling you get when you listen to your favorite tune. The goosebumps, the chill you get down your spine, the arousal in your pants. Wait. What? Melolangnia is a sexual arousal derived from listening to music. Art can inspire some pretty intense feeling and emotion if you open yourself up to it, so it's not too hard to see how music can rev up your sexual engine. I mean, there are hundreds of songs about sex. Why wouldn't these tunes inspire an erection?


Sexual attraction to small people or tiny things.


Attraction to noses.


Arousal to sucking on a person’s nose.


Arousal to fog.


Arousal to corpses.


Attraction to dead animals.


Arousal to a particular object, distinct from fetishism.


Omarashi, or “omo” for short, falls within the urolagnia family of sexual fetishes, which are related to urine. Those who identify as omo become aroused when they have a full bladder and wet themselves, or observe their partner wetting themselves. Other phrases used to describe this particular fetish are “bladder desperation” and “panty wetting.” The word omarashi is Japanese for “to wet oneself.”


Arousal to a body part other than the reproductive organs, e.g., calves.

While you've probably never heard of this one, it's a surprisingly common fetish in most parts of the world. Partialism is a sexual attraction to any specific part of the body that doesn't include the reproductive organs. In many societies, mazophilia (arousal by the sight of breasts) and pygophilia (arousal by the sight of a butt) are relatively common partialisms. Other highly partialized areas include the feet, the stomach, the neck, and the ears.


Arousal to prepubescent children.


Arousal from pain to male genitalia. CBT ‘Cock and Ball Torture’ might be a more common word for that? Cock and ball torture is about torturing a man’s penis and testicles for sexual pleasure. This could involve biting, scratching, clothes-pegging, and a variety of special CBT toys like the spiked crusher.


Attraction to stuffed animals or people in animal costume.


Arousal to feet.


Attraction to the human butt.


Arousal to stuttering.


Arousal to being cold and watching others who are cold.


Arousal to being tickled by feathers.


Arousal to pubic hair


Arousal to buttocks.

Quirofilia - Quorofilia - Hand Fetish

Hands are sexy. They're used for myriad sexy things, like the underrated hand job, fingering, and back massages. Some people who experience a hand fetish or quorofilia are attracted to a specific part of the hand, such as the fingers (which might appear phallic), the nails, or the palm. Others are aroused by actions performed with the hand, whether overtly sexual (e.g. masturbation) or traditionally asexual (e.g. handwashing or rinsing dishes).


Arousal from shoes.


Arousal to causing physical and psychological pain.

Odd as it may be, on this site, we condemn pure sadism as something not to be tolerated. No sadism can be accepted without a consenting masochist partner.


The love of getting dirty (or getting your partner dirty), literally, prior to or during sexual intercourse. Ever wonder what people mean when they say a "hot mess"? Some people really like the disheveled look. Smeared makeup and torn clothing can be attractive in a Miley Cyrus sort of way. Hey, this is basically what Perez Hilton does for a living. Maybe he's a bully, or maybe he's got a salirophilia fetish. Salirophilia involves making something attractive into something unattractive and dirty, which, ironically, turns it into something all the more attractive because it is defaced. This can involve defacing images, or people in the flesh, tearing clothing, smearing someone with dirt or other products to dishevel them. To be fair, this fetish does not involve aggression, it merely hinges on making something that is supposed to be attractive seemingly unattractive.


Arousal to the cognitively impaired or developmentally delayed.


Scatophilia is an extreme fetish for human feces. Scat fans may enjoy many sexual activities involving poop, such as tarmacking: the act of defecating onto someone, and then smearing it in. like hot rolled asphalt.


Food play is a form of sitophilia, which refers to arousal by erotic scenes centering food.


If you find it arousing to watch your partner sleep, you might have somnophilia. Somnophiliacs enjoy sexual activity with someone who is sleeping, unconscious, or otherwise unable to participate. While this fetish can be acted out consensually between two people, it can commonly present itself alongside necrophilia (a sexual attraction to the dead).


Those with spectrophilia report a sexual attraction, relationships, or sexual encounters with ghosts who come and have hot sex with them at night. A succubus is a ghost in lady form that, in folklore (or a spectrophilia fantasy), visits her object of desire at night for some hot human-ghost lovemaking. An incubus is the male variety (and also that band). Though the actual existence of ghosts is up for debate (and for excellent Halloween movie marathons), the sexual attraction that spectrophiles report feeling is as real as any other fetish.


Arousal to the thought of hellfire and damnation.


Sounds out-there, right? Well, statistically, you're probably a teleiophiliac! Teleiophilia is the sexual attraction to reproductive-aged adults. Now go out and impress your friends with this new word to describe yourself.


Arousal to the congenitally deformed.


You can’t have sex with an actual octopus or octopuslike monster—octopuses are animals and therefore cannot give consent. But octopuslike monsters totally exist in tentacle porn, which you can absolutely watch and get off on. It’s hot, not only because it’s so foreign and forbidden but, according to some experts, because it fulfills some pretty classic other fantasy tropes, like bondage and multiple penetration. And if your ideal penis is actually a giant blue tentacle, the sex toy manufacturer Bad Dragon just may help you fulfill your monster fantasies.


Arousal to tickling other people.

Transvestic Fetishism

Arousal to female garments touching the male’s skin.

Tricophilia or Trichophilia

Arousal from hair.

Urophilia - Golden Showers - Watersports - Urolagnia

A fairly common kink where people enjoy urinating on other people or being urinated on themselves. Some people might have someone pee in their mouth and then swallow it, which can carry health risks.


Arousal to eating another person’s body parts.

Based on the Latin word "vorare" which means "to swallow" or "devour," vorarephiliacs are aroused by the fantasy or act of being eaten or eating another person. As this is not a fetish that can be enacted easily in real-life, most vorarephiliacs turn to stories, elaborate images, and videos to indulge in their fantasies.


Arousal to wood.


With gluten free living being so popular as of late, it’s hard to imagine this fetish is hanging in there. Yeastiality is a fetish that involves a sexual arousal by dough or bread. This can include any type of pastry or baked good For some, the fetish hinges on the yeast itself, so individuals with this fetish may even be attracted to partners with yeast infections.


Arousal to nonhuman animals.

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