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Firstly, I want to state this explicitly, this site ONLY considers faux-snuff, as role play, and on condition of full consent of all participants.

A mock execution is a method of psychological torture, whereby the subject is made to believe that he is being led to his execution. This usually involves blindfolding the subject, making him recount last wishes, or making him dig his own grave, and sometimes it can go as far as forcing the victim to watch a single or multiple real executions taking place under the same circumstances to make the victim believe he or she is next.

In a BDSM scene, execution and faux-snuff role play should be thoroughly negotiated before starting. Scenes of hanging, torture, medieval inquisition etc require full consideration, and explicit consent of every participant.

What does Snuff mean?

Snuff is a genre of film which shows the real life murder of another person. Snuff films featuring women often see the female stars raped and tortured before they are killed.

Faux-snuff films also exist, in which the star only appears to be murdered. These films typically involve female “victims” and are viewed for erotic pleasure.

The use of the term snuff, for a filmed act of killing, takes its name from the British term snuff, meaning to extinguish a candle.

Snuff films featuring women often see the female stars raped, humiliated, and tortured before they are killed. They may be killed by a single sexual partner or a couple. Due to their graphic nature and extreme acts of real or depicted violence, snuff and faux-snuff films are considered some of the most extreme forms of pornography.

Some people are attracted to snuff films because sex and violence trigger similar feelings in the human body. Snuff films can also be appealing to dominants or submissives. They may recognize themselves in the characters, and also the dominant or submissive qualities they are attracted to in other people. For some people, an attraction to snuff films may be no different to a love of horror movies. However, counseling may be effective for anyone troubled by their interest in snuff films.

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