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Danny: I'm not sure there was a specific time or place but have always enjoyed being used and objectified by women in an erotic context. One of my earliest experiences was almost entirely accidental. As a teenager, my then girlfriend would innocently rest her ashtray on my bare chest after sex while she enjoyed a cigarette. Unbeknown to her, this feeling of being used was absolutely thrilling for me, however I didn't explicitly connect it with being furniture at the time.

As I explored more BDSM play, I discovered that human furniture was a great way for me to recapture the feeling of being used. A great example is mummification play - saran wrap (cling film) bondage was something that could easily be adapted to transform me into furniture. Simply being wrapped and lay on the floor meant I could easily be used as a rug, doormat, or a footstool! I'm an avid admirer of female feet and shoes so, perhaps naturally, over time the footstool or ottoman became my preferred furniture form (I'm also told it's one of the most enjoyable for the user!). That said, I'm always excited to experiment with new and creative furniture ideas.

Once I'd identified human furniture as a specific interest I began to explore it within BDSM relationships albeit usually in the context of a wider scene. At the times I wasn't in relationships I found that I still craved it as a standalone activity and began to advertise my furniture services online. I've now been serving ladies as furniture for several years, which has led to quite a few interesting encounters and experiences. At the time of writing I've been with my current partner for one year and am thrilled that she loves and shares my interest with me. I've enjoyed serving her as furniture in clubs, public places, even on television!

Can you talk me through a particularly memorable session. Is that the right term?

Sure, session or scene. There are a few that really stand out. Generally the situations where I've had multiple women using me at once tend to be most memorable.

One of my favorites was with a woman based here in San Francisco who I met on Twitter. She expressed an interest in using me as a footstool in a public place so we met up in a local cafe after work. She brought along a friend and we chatted for a few minutes to discuss how the encounter would go. They were both in their mid to late 20s, attractive and, as I was happy to see, wearing fabulous shoes :) The ladies ordered some food and drinks. I'd set up a tab for them and let them know to get whatever they wanted and I'd take care of it at the end. That was the least I could do. We managed to snag a little sofa area right by the entrance, which was pretty much the best spot in the whole place and perfect for what we had planned!

With the ladies relaxing, I got into position, kneeling in front of the sofa curled up all small with my face to the floor. They insisted that I faced toward the door as it would be more humiliating for me that way! I'd brought along a cushion and grabbed another one from the sofa - one for under my knees and one that goes under the ankles and top of feet. I knew I was going to be down there a while and wanted to make sure I could last the full duration without having to move or shift position. After all, furniture doesn't move - or make noise. We'd agreed that I was to be completely ignored and treated exactly like an actual footstool for the next hour. The two ladies placed their feet on my back and, with that, I was transported into furniture mode.

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