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What does Forniphilia mean?

Forniphilia is a form of extreme bondage where the submissive is bound so that they become a piece of furniture such as a chair or table. The term is believed to have been coined by erotic fetish performance artist Jeff Gord in 1998 after he observed his House of Gord webmaster, Aaron Bradley, performing it. This practice may be performed and received by people of any gender.

Due to the way that foniphilia subjects are bound, the practice is sometimes called human furniture.

While the active partner typically enjoys the complete domination that comes from forniphilia, the submissive partner often becomes aroused as well. The practice makes them feel useful to the active partner. Pleasure often increases as the subject remains immobile and hoping to be used.

Forniphilia is considered an extreme form of bondage because its subjects are tightly bound and expected to remain still for extended periods of time while they function as furniture. At times, the bounded submissives may be placed in positions where they might be smothered or their breathing impeded by a forniphilic gag. To ensure safety, the active partner should regularly check on the submissive's health and well-being. Because of the dangers that can arise, forniphilia should only be undertaken by experienced bondage practitioners.

Human Furniture - Forniphilia

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