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Counting the Number of Strokes


This applies usually to disciplinary-type sessions, although if a couple finds it fun there's no reason for them not to do it. No general rule can be given - some people love counting, some people hate it, and some are indifferent to it. If the Spankee enjoys counting, then make her count at least some of the swats or strokes. Note that I said “make her count”, for being instructed to count the strokes is a very exciting part of the experience for this type. She wants to be told what to do and made to comply – actually this is true of any woman into spanking. “Don’t ask her, tell her” is the best advice here and good advice during a session generally. Tell her how she is to count the strokes for you.

Other examples are “One sir, Two Sir," etc.; ”One, thank you sir, Two, thank you sir,” etc.

What if she fails to count a particular stroke? Then give her the “same” stroke over again and again until she remembers to count it!

Another technique ideal for punishment is counting. Some Tops like to enhance the sadistic nature of their play by forcing the bottom to count each individual spanking. This generally involves counting aloud as the punishment takes place. Again, this forces the bottom to remain in a conscious state, with their sole point of focus being the pain.

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