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We need to take care with this topic.

In BDSM practice, the main principle is that every interaction needs to be consensual, safe and done with full respect for both roles: the Dominant and the sub or slave. All participants need to fully understand all possible mental and physical risks of bondage, discipline, punishment, training, etc. Let’s call it full awareness. Animals simply cannot be aware of those things, so we need to be careful.

After a false start out of ignorance, we always avoided the presence of our dog when playing – as the dog clearly did not understand why ‘I was being aggressive towards my wife, beating her’. The dog was confused and showed that, trying to come between us.

Therefore, you cannot involve animals in sex or BDSM play. On this site, we indeed have a few examples of bdsm play where animals are also present, though not as active participants. They are figurants in a photographic scene, and are being treated with the full respect they deserve. That is the primary and only condition where animals come in the picture. Do not let them be involve in actual play.

Let it be very clear: we condemn acts of bestiality.

When a human has sexual relations with an animal, it is called bestiality. This includes intercourse, masturbation, and having one's genitals licked by animals. Bestiality is commonly associated, and confused , with zoophilia. Zoophilia refers to arousal due to the thought of sexual relations between humans and animals.

Bestiality is a controversial topic as animals, obviously, cannot consent to having sex with a human. It is also a topic of moral debate.