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What does Pony Play mean?

Pony play is a BDSM activity involving role play with one participant playing the role of pony and their partner acting as their rider or trainer. The focus of pony play is on the treatment of the pony, the pony's actions, and the pony's mental state rather than appearing as a pony. The pony is often two-legged. Bit gags, bridles, boots as hooves, saddles, whips, harnesses, and butt plug tails are all available to complete the pony look.

There are several variations of pony play. The three most common are:

Clothing and Equipment

Many of the Dominants will wear jodhpurs, jodhpur boots (or paddocks), gloves, a riding helmet, and a red riding jacket. Usually they are purchased at horse riding fashion stores or can be made out of latex for fetishists. Riding crops, buggy whips, horse carts, and sulkies (two wheeled horse carts) complete the outfit.

There is a huge variety of outfit choices for ponies including harness, head pieces, horse head masks, horse ears, blinders, mouth gag bits, bridles, latex clothing, hoof boots and gloves, and pony tail butt plugs.

Preparatory Work for Pony Play

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