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Riding Ponies

Riding ponies must also have the physical strength to hold another person. All physical attributes and good health is a must. They must also have a very strong core, abdominal muscles, and back muscles. Riding ponies are ponygirls or ponyboys who are ridden by their Mistresses (or Masters, Trainers, Owners, (Exercise) Riders, etc.). Two legged and four legged riding ponies are both quite common, though a special saddle for two legged riding ponies makes it easier for both pony and rider.

Four legged riding ponies can also be ridden in a saddle designed especially for ponyplay (several retailers sell these) or they can be ridden in a bio-pony (a bio-horse size saddle tends to be too big for the back of a ponyboy or ponygirl) saddle (and plus it looks hot).

Riding Pony

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