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Hooves are for many pony play lovers the favorite items of tack. There are two basic kinds of hooves for ponyplay: hoof boots, and hoof mitts (gloves). Below I will briefly discuss both types of hooves and their use in ponyplay.

Hoof Boots

Hoof boots, as the name implies, are worn on the pony's feet. Hoof boots are designed to make the wearer's feet resemble horse hooves. This means that hoof boots do not have heels (see image below comparing a pony wearing a hoof boot to a horse's hoof)

Hoof Mitts (Hoof Gloves)

A hoof glove or hoof mitt is a bondage glove/bondage fist mitt that is shaped like a horse's hoof. Just as with hoof boots, they are designed to give the wearer's hands the appearance of horse hooves. They also serve the purpose of restricting the use of the fingers adding both an element of bondage and an element of realism.

Pony Play Hoof Boots & Gloves

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