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4 Dominant Actions


Grabbing the Neck

(Article by Dominantsoul)

For me, placing my hand on a woman’s throat is never about choking or breath play at all. It is about deep intimacy and incredible trust. I love to place my left hand on my sub’s throat firmly but gently. It is a very vulnerable and fragile place on her delicate body that which requires great trust and caring to ensure she is not injured in any way. Every time I have placed my hand on the throat of a woman, I have felt her entire body physically submit to me.

She melts to my desires and to my control over her body instantly. I can literally feel her body melt and feel her switching into “sub mode” mentally. Clearly there is some common psychological response button on most submissive women that triggers that full-body submission response when a masculine hand is placed on her throat…

If you have ever watched a Momma dog discipline a pup, she will grab him with her mouth by the neck, hold him to the ground till he submits and lies still. It is a simple and clear way for her communicate her displeasure with his behaviour. The primitive “lizard” part of our brains instinctively knows that control of the neck forces us to instantly submit…

The neck is a control point – a flimsy, fragile mechanism to support a heavy skull and large brain where major blood vessels and critical neural impulses travel to/from our bodies to our brains. Once we lose control of the neck, the battle is over…

For every woman (submissive & Alpha submissive) I have subdued by grasping their stunningly feminine necks, they have all become extremely aroused during sex and they have also mentioned after sex what an extreme turn on they found it to have my hands on their neck.

Warnings & Disclaimers:

Bonus Kinkiness:

If you want to truly ramp up the erotic power of this move to the next level, grasp her throat gently then slowly kiss your way up her neck towards her ear. When you reach her ear, whisper what you plan to do to her body & mind for the next few hours… That will get her mind racing and her juices flowing like crazy!!

The second level is to own her sexually and mentally as she reaches orgasm. While grasping her throat firmly in your left hand, force her to stare into your eyes. Maintain a steady, hungry stare into her eyes as you command her to open her legs wide for you. Then roughly slide your fingers into her pussy by pulling her panties aside without removing them. Stare deeply into her eyes as you finger fuck her hard enough that your palm is slapping her clit. Her orgasm will be incredibly intense with your hand on her throat and staring into her eyes.

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