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Having her Wear a Chastity Belt

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What is a female chastity device?

The modern chastity belt consists of an adjustable, locking waistband and a secondary U-shaped band that fits snuggly down the waist and over the genitals and anus.

The purpose is to restrict the wearer from intercourse or seeking sexual release through masturbation. They can be worn for a little as a few hours to months or years (with allowances for safety-related removal and/or regular hygiene).

Why do people wear them?

The medieval myth

Chastity cage from Men in tights movie

We might be focusing on modern models in this article, but the infamous “history” of the female chastity belt is far too interesting to skip…

We’ve all seen the illustrations, museum examples, and movie props – metal belts with small holes to go to the bathroom and a key that they husband would keep when he went away (Robin Hood Men in Tights is my fav).

However, the most interesting thing about medieval chastity belts is … they may have never existed.

Current research reveals that any references to these devices might have been satirical, allegorical, or simple misinterpretations of text – and all the “ancient examples” we see in museums might have been made later on in or around the 18th or 19th century.

How did the myth get so out of hand?

The main theory is that something so deviant, taboo, and sexual (not to mention controlling) was FAR too easy to believe given other medieval behavior such as torture devices etc. So, people just went with the concept.

Modern day stigma

Considering the past (and present) oppression of women, it’s totally understandable why some would wince at the thought of one of these toys. However, it’s important to note that any wearer (male, female, trans, whatever) can say no.

There’s a huge difference between BDSM and abuse.  Any sexual restrictions or forcing someone to wear a chastity device out of jealousy or non-consensual control does not fall within the realm of BDSM.

Adhering to SSSC

There are four basic rules that everyone should follow – Safe, Sane, Sober, and Consensual. These also apply to chastity play – including the use of a safe word.

On the note of safety, it’s also important to take extra caution with your locks. Make sure there’s an extra key for you AND the wearer in case of emergencies. Also, before you lock things up, all participants need to know how to get out of the belt if a key is lost (and the proper tools need to be on hand/nearby).

TIP: If you’re nervous about padlocks etc, you can look into disposable locks, which can be as easy to get out of as grabbing a pair of scissors. Even zip ties will do in a pinch.

Medical grade stainless steel or titanium will be the safest to wear and clean. Other common materials include ABS plastic, polycarbonate, and possibly silicone.

Stay away from leather, TPE/TPR rubber, or anything else. The might look awesome, but they’re highly porous and impossible to sterilize.

Interested in wearing one?

First, decided what kind of belt you want. Is it mostly for show and casual play? Or do you want something more escape-proof or hardcore?

Next, you need to collect accurate measurements, so you can buy one that fits correctly and comfortably.

Finally, you’ll need to seek out reliable sellers that offer adequate product details and body-safe materials.

Also, there are several design choices or accessories to choose from – things like…