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Pulling Hair – Kinky Basics

By Hans

How do you responsibly pull someone’s hair in the heat of the moment?

The hair on the top of your head is attached to different skin than the hairs in your neck. And it is the neck hair that you want to go for. They’re attached more firmly. And also, here, the bed-of-nails-trick applies. If you lay down on a bed with a single nail, then you will have a nail in your back. Lay down on a bed of 250 nails and because of their numbers, they share the pressure causing basically no harm to you. The same goes for pulling: if you pull a single hair, you will pull it out easily. Pull a 1000 hairs and you probably won’t be able to pull them out just as easy.

The circus act in which a lady is being pulled up by her hair and doing tricks whilst swinging from left to right also takes these two things into account.

Grab the neck hair and grab a lot of neck hair at the same time, just as hard!

When you look at pictures of hair hanging in a circus, you can clearly see that there also is hair being taken from the neck. When making the hair into a tail, there has been great consideration for all the hairs coming together at the right moment and length so that when you are pulling it, you pull a lot of hair and not just a couple of hairs.

So if you like it when someone pulls your head back by your hairs, then the person who is doing it also needs to grab the hair at your neck.

Move your fingers from the neck upwards and grab a lot(!) of hair. Hold on tight, so that it does not slip away between your fingers. Grab the hairs close to the scalp or you can also wrap all the hair around your index and middle finger causing a more balanced grip. And when you pull it, pull all the hair equally hard.

The thing is that you can break or destroy everything on a human body, including the hair. So if you want to pull your boyfriend or girlfriend’s hair, then do it in a way which allows you to keep on doing it in the future as well…. 🙂

And it is always possible that one’s hair is very sensitive, that is breaks easily or i you have very thin hair so that no amount of hair will be big enough to withstand the pulling…

If you let your partner have his way, this problem which will solve itself over time (because there is no hair left). But shaving hair off will make it grow back faster than when you epilate it… just saying. So if things don’t really work out, then maybe some other sort of painful stimulation might be a lot better and a different grip and/or a spanking is probably a better solution.

Have fun!