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4 Dominant Actions


Letting her Drink Water

46 Feeding the sub


After an intense scene, both parties should rehydrate.  It is the Dom’s responsibility to get his sub a glass of water to drink.  Drinking water can help prevent headaches, muscles aches, and urinary tract infections. Having two glasses of water nearby before a scene starts is a good habit to get into.


A glass of water or bottle of Gatorade hydrates your body and introduces needed electrolytes. Consider a soothing tea if you like it. Signs that indicate dehydration include inelastic skin, sunken eyes, dry mouth and rapid breathing.

It’s also helpful to provide a snack to bring balance back to your body. The snack should be light and healthy, such as bananas or strawberries, to replenish natural sugars that may be depleted after a scene. Salty snacks boost potassium, which may have dropped due to dehydration. Consider a smoothie to deal with blood sugar and dehydration in one fell swoop.