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Making her Drool

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How can you make your sub drool / inhibit swallowing during a session?

Drooling while wearing most types of gags is very common. Many people like the added humiliation and view it as just part of the experience.

Wearing Gags

Ball gags are going to cause a lot of drooling. And guess what? That’s the majority of the appeal for both submissive and dominant. Her mouth will not be able to swallow as easily and the drool becomes a turn-on.

Over time, with her mouth extended unnaturally and forced open due to the ball, she drools in a manner that adds to the kink of humiliation, and her powerless position reinforces a master’s dominance

Having a gag in her mouth inhibits her ability to swallow the saliva she naturally produces. I think it's incredibly hot. That loss of control is one of my favorite things about having her gagged

What to do to make her drool more?

Definitely make sure she is well hydrated, that's key.