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Water Spraying Torture

49 BDSM Torturing Actions

What is Water Torture?

Water torture is a practice in BDSM involving the exposure of the submissive to the incessant sound of dripping water or the continuous dripping of water on the head. Other techniques may include waterboarding or any other form of psychological or physical submission involving the use of water.

Water torture involves a wide variety of techniques employing water to reinforce the dominant-submissive relationship. These techniques can involve waterboarding, the sound of dripping water, depriving the submissive of water or water dungeons. It is essential that consent is agreed and vocalized in these practices. Ensuring safety and the well-being of your partner is crucial when using water torture in BDSM.

Spraying is usually done with high pressure and has the same effect as spanking, flogging, or caning. In softer forms of play, a shower head can be used.

Spraying is another popular form of water bondage, which includes spraying high pressure streams on the sub while they are tied up or restrained. The higher the pressure, the more it hurts, so in some scenarios, the sprays will be from high pressure, industrial type hoses. Often, the sprays are strong and painful, as this is a part of the “torture” involved in this type of activity.

In soft core scenarios, the sprays may be from a shower head or a regular hose.