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50 Theory, Safety & Materials

As indicated in the previous pages: there are always risks involved with any bondage. Knowing what you are doing is of primary importance, both for the rigger and the bondage model. A successful bondage requires knowledge of materials, methods and techniques. In this section those three aspects are introduced, including step-by-step instructions, many bondage positions and ideas, plus some special attention is being given to more imaginative bondage methods: suspension bondage, predicament bondage ('predicament') and self-bondage. These last three categories belong clearly and solely to the domain of the real specialists.

Advice: if you want to start, then start with simple knots, and try to gradually master the more complex techniques. Never hesitate to ask for help from already experienced riggers. A lot of riggers organize workshops, where you can learn your first knots or even more experienced techniques.

Important note: This website is merely intended to provide an overview, and has in no way the intention to be a guide that should be followed. Make sure to have read all the warnings in the bondage theory section.

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