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Pain: Torture of the Feet - Bastinado

What is Bastinado?

Bastinado is a practice in the BDSM community where the soles of one's feet are subjected to whipping and beating, typically using a crop, whip, or cane. The receiver's feet are tied up and exposed. It is a form of foot fetish which traces its roots to Middle Eastern and far Eastern torture practices.

The sole of one's foot is lined with nerve endings, and is very sensitive to pleasure and pain. So, a light whip can be felt throughout the whole body. When used in BDSM, it is important to agree on a safe word before proceeding. Bastinado sex play is ideal for submissives who long to feel helpless and completely dominated. Some may opt to attach weights to their backs to highlight the pain.

Obviously, the sensitive foot soles can be tortured in a lot of ways…


 Bastinado - Caning of the Feet


Using a Leather Strap


Feet Torture with Ice


Feet Torture with Clamps


Feet Torture with Needles


Feet Torture with Wax


Feet and Toe Immobilization

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